Patou - Marie Le Néel : Rigging & Modeling Artist


Work done

Rig body / Rig facial / Rig Props



Release date


3rd year at Creative Seeds


Maya / Redshift / Guerilla


Sunwave is a short film I worked on during my third year at Creative Seeds.

This project was done for AFCA (National Animation Film Festival) and the subject was the digital image’s evolution. Therefore we see Patou, the skater, wandering four different universes : the 8-bit, the low poly, the mid poly and the high def one.


I did the rig of the different characters (except the 8-bit one). I also did the skate, hoverboard and car‘s rig.


The animation loop was done by Axel Gabillard.

Worked with

Eflamm Cabel

Modeling & Surfacing

Axel Gabillard

Animation loop

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