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Marie Le Néel

Rigging & Modeling Artist

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Rigging is a technique used to animate humans or objects with a series of bones. Each bone in the skeleton are associated with some parts of the character’s body, which can be used to control the object’s deformation with a process called skinning. As the skeleton isn’t visible, the animators use animation controls to move the body around.


3D modeling is the process of representing any object or character in three dimensions by manipulating edges, vertices and polygons.


Scripting is a programming language that automates the execution of tasks. I use Python to automate the rigging process that can be repetitive and to produce faster rigs.

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My name is Marie Le Néel, I’m a character rigging artist.


I studied at Creative Seeds (Rennes, France) for three years. I spend my first year learning about the different jobs in 3D animation. Then I chose to specialize in rigging for my second year.

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